Hope Renewed For Haiti Family

Noely’s story revisited

 Brian Campbell, creative services director, is currently in Haiti with Christian music group 4HIM, touring Holt Fontana Village and learning more about Holt International’s educational *sponsorship program in this impoverished country. Back in August, Brian met a 12-year-old girl named Noely, her younger sister, Rose, and their mother, Goulette; They were a family of three struggling to survive. But today, through the support of Holt’s educational sponsorship program, Noely and her sister are able to attend school, and their mother is making tremendous strides to better her life for the sake of her children.

 Brian and Mark Harris caught up with the family on their trip to Haiti this week…

 By Brian Campbell, Creative Services Director

Arcahaie, Haiti—The hot Haitian air is filled with anticipation and excitement this morning. Christian music artist, Mark Harris, of the music group 4Him, is on his way to school. But not just any school. A young girl named Noely attends this school. You may remember her…

 In August of 2012, I met Noely, her sister, Rose Carmel, and their mother, Goulette. At that time, the family was in desperate need of food. When Holt first met the family, they hadn’t eaten in three days. For Noely and Rose, receiving a proper education seemed unlikely. Goulette wept when thinking about her daughters’ uncertain future.

But today, Noely sits among children in a classroom—children that are a year or two older than her. She sits in the front row with her books open,  her voice strong as she calls out answers to the teacher’s questions. Mark makes note that Noely looks so much younger than the rest the students. The school principal tells Mark that he advanced Noely an additional grade because she tested very high at her placement exam.

Thanks to Holt’s educational sponsorship program in Haiti, Noely and her sister, Rose, can now receive a proper education. Here, Noely sits with her classmates.

During a break in her studies, Noely bounds out to the playground to meet Mark and  Lamare Supreme from Holt Fontana Village, Holt’s care center in Haiti. Noely introduces herself to Mark in English, a light radiating her smile. Grasping her proudly outreached hand, Mark gives it a hearty shake. He tells her that he will visit her at home after school. She beams with excitement at this announcement and heads back to class.

Mark visits Rose’s classroom.

 Visiting Noely’s Home

Walking down the back alley to Noely’s home, Mark sees two excited girls giggling and jumping at the family’s gate. Upon entering the small courtyard, a radiant Goulette, Noely and Rose’s mother, rushes up to greet Mark and Supreme. Gone are the dark rings under her eyes. The pale, weak smile has been replaced by hope and possibility.

After formal greetings, Mark sits with Goulette and her daughters. Turning to Goulette, Mark asks her about the impact that Holt child educational sponsorship has made in their lives. Sitting up tall in her seat, Goulette tells about the state she was in before Holt came into their lives. In a very animated fashion, she speaks about how she is now able to send her daughters to school and how that has allowed her time to look for work and provide for her daughters.

After some time visiting with Noely and her family, Mark and Supreme draw their time to a close.

Stepping out through the front doorway, a small chalk inscription above the door catches Mark’s attention. “Jou Pam nan Preske Rive Zan mim’m o non de Jesus.” A rough translation of the Creole inscription says, “I have hope that someday, in the name of Jesus, my day will come.” The same inscription graced the family’s door 4 months ago. Today, Goulette sees her day coming, her hope renewed.

*Children like Rose and Noely are waiting for sponsors right now.  For just $30 a month you can provide one child with their most basic necessities — food, clothing, shelter, and a proper education.  Just look what educational sponsorship did for Noely and her family.  Education lasts a lifetime, and has the power to strengthen families and futures.  Click here to sponsor a child in Haiti today!

Christian music artist Mark Harris stands with Noely (left), Rose (center) and Goulette.

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