How You Can Join Us During National Adoption Month!

Faces of older children, not babies. Faces of boys, fewer of girls. Faces with tiny scars from cleft lip surgery. These are the new faces of international adoption.

Across the globe, the profiles of children needing homes – and coming home to families – has changed.

For various reasons, more and more children are able to remain with their birth families or join adoptive families in their birth countries.

Finally, children with special needs, older children and boys are first in line for adoption! At Holt, we see this as a reason to celebrate! This National Adoption Month, will you help raise awareness about the children awaiting adoption today? You don’t have to be an adoption expert. You just need to be passionate about helping children with special needs.

Here’s the plan:

Each week in November, Holt will focus on a particular need or trait among waiting children – traits that often make it more challenging to find adoptive families for children who have them:

 Week 1 – Cleft lip/palate

Week 2 – Older children

Week 3 – Boys

Week 4 – Heart conditions

At the beginning of the week, we will post to Holt’s blog and Facebook page an educational story on the featured topic.

To help raise awareness, check in each week to read the stories and share them with friends and family.

Each week we will also feature 2 waiting children for whom Holt is actively seeking families. Share their stories, and download Holt prayer cards for each of the featured waiting children. Then share the prayer cards with others to help guide prayers until the child is placed with an adoptive family!

To kick off National Adoption Month in November, we will feature the Henderson family and their story of adopting older children. 

Below is a blog excerpt from the Henderson family, celebrating one month with their daughter, Lan Lan,who came home from China in 2011 at the age of 10.  Stay tuned for the Henderson family’s full story in November!


One Month Anniversary of Forever

blog excerpt from April 2011

One month ago today our lives changed with the magical addition of a new daughter. A new life has begun — for us all.


Our new daughter recently told a translator that on that day, she was so nervous that her knees were shaking!

And yet, she bravely made her way to our family, smiled her million-dollar smile, and said in a quiet, throaty whisper, “Hello Mother. Hello Father.”



It’s an amazing thing to finally hear your child speak their first words. Especially one that has only been known on paper — for a year. All I could do was cry.


Lan Lan is so precious I cannot even find the words! Her addition to our family has been so easy, so seamless, I am almost afraid to type the words — I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop! Of course though, that shoe would be a ballet slipper because Lan Lan is quite the ballerina.

She loves anything athletic, crafty, or with bling. She is funny, sweet, loving, and full of spunk! The flip side is that she can be sassy, easily excitable, very opinionated, and a drama queen. Like I said, she fits right in!

Honestly, I think that some families would find her personality a bit over the top — she is FULL of zest!  But for our crazy, zesty family, she is A PERFECT MATCH!


I praise God for the gifts bestowed on us! Singing praises on the one-month anniversary of FOREVER!





Here are several ways to make a difference today in the lives of children:

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  1. I have tears in my eyes. WOW what a beautiful story and a beautiful family. Congratulations.

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