An Oasis in the Midst of Chaos

A Haiti vision trip member recounts her time at Holt Fontana Village

 by Lori Simmons, adoptive parent and Haiti vision trip member

I didn’t know what to expect as we pulled up to Holt Fontana Village. This was the first orphanage that I had ever visited. Driving to the Village was a short and bumpy ride, not far from where we were staying. The gate to enter the grounds was locked for the children’s protection. Once we entered, I saw a truly beautiful oasis. The rest of the vision trip members and I walked down a narrow path to a concrete stage where we met the children. They performed a special “welcome” dance for all of us. Music, singing, dancing and laughter filled the stage. It was truly the most memorable welcome I had ever experienced. The girls all had matching skirts and tops. You could tell that someone had spent a lot of time and energy putting this together for the vision trip members.

After the song and dance, we spent time with the children and met some of their housemothers. The children had big smiles and were excited to get to know us. After a short while, we all had children on our laps, clapping and singing. It was a very special time for me. All of the children were so welcoming and made us all feel so special, when we were really there to let them know how special they all are.

It’s clear that Peter Fontana, president of the Hope for Haiti foundation, and his wife, Shay, have put their hearts and souls into making this a unique and truly special place for children. Each home has a housemother who takes pride in both the appearance of the children as well as the immaculately kept homes. Each child’s outfit fits perfectly; their shoes match, and the girls’ hair is all so beautifully braided. The housemothers are nurturing, thoughtful, and all of the children respect them.

Holt Fontana is a beautiful oasis for children who have had a difficult journey in their lives. Thank you Peter and Shay and Holt International for all that you have done and continue to do to support these very special children.

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