And They’re Off to Haiti!

You Can join the Haiti Vision Trip members on their adventure this week

John and Sandi Polzin of Cadott, Wisconsin brought their daughter, Mazie, home from Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. Starting their journey today, the Polzins will return to Haiti with eight others on Holt’s inaugural vision trip! While in Haiti, the vision trip members will visit with the children in Holt Fontana Village, as well as a family in our family preservation program.  They will also take part in a service project at a school we help support.  

 Today, the Haiti Vision Trip members met up in Miami for their journey to Haiti.

 By Sandi Polzin, adoptive parent and vision trip participant

We arrived at the Minneapolis airport in the wee hours of the morning and will meet up with the rest of the vision trip members in Miami. We did not get much sleep last night, which I am sure will lead to some silly, sleep-deprived conversations

Mazie was adopted from Haiti by the Polzin family in 2010. The Polzins have recently been matched with 3 other children from Haiti.

and moments with our new friends.

This will mark John’s and my sixth trip to Haiti to serve those in need. It’s our first trip serving at Holt’s care center, Holt Fontana Village. We look forward to new relationships, new experiences, and new feelings, as well as the sound, sight and smell of the three little children we have been matched with at the Village.

We depart Haiti on Friday. The thoughts of saying goodbye continually floats in our minds, but we try to put the thought to rest and give into the moment of being on this journey, seeking a new understanding of Holt and all who are served by this amazing organization.

We long to learn more about where our first adopted daughter, Mazie, lived the first three years of her life before coming home to us. This experience will create value far beyond words, and will forever be etched in our hearts. We pray to share each memory with our children so they may have a historical perspective on the plan God has for their lives.



By Sharon Boyd, adoptive parent and vision trip participant

Vision trip participant Sharon Boyd, who, with her husband, Jeremy, adopted a little girl from Ethiopia in 2010, recently blogged about her upcoming trip to Haiti. Read more from her in the coming week!   “After leaving Ethiopia and meeting my daughter’s birth parent, I have been itching to get involved in some missions work with an agency that I’m already familiar with, an agency that does great things for the people they work with,” says Sharon. “Ethiopia is a bit far for me, so I was thrilled to find out about the week-long trip to Haiti. I’ve never been to Haiti, but I can’t wait to go and meet all of the sweet people there, and do anything I can to help influence their lives in a positive way.”

Well…just one more day ya’ll and I’ll be blogging from Haiti on Holt International’s inaugural Vision Trip team. It was really exciting to read a blog from the SPOON Foundation, who has a team member there with Holt’s director this week. I’m already feeling the heat and humidity after looking at those pictures!

The Boyd family. Sharon Boyd travels to Haiti this week on a Holt Vision Trip!

While we are there we plan to do a facelift on one of the schools (I hear some painting is involved) and then do some projects with the children in the care center. I’ll be traveling alongside Holt’s Haiti & Africa program director, a donor relations director, the president of the Hope for Haiti foundation, the Holt Fontana Village program manager, and some other adoptive families and Holt supporters.



Holt recognizes the growing interest among our supporters to see first-hand the work we do overseas. We created Holt vision trips for individuals who have a passion for Holt’s mission and want to learn – and see! – more. Learn more about our vision trip to China in April and sign up today!






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