A Challenging Road to Paradise

Brian Campbell joins Secret Keeper Girl speaker Suzy Weibel on a journey to Haiti this week.  While there, the group, which also includes Dove-award winning singer/songwriter Wayne Watson and Holt’s Director of Donor Engagement Kris Thompson, will visit children at Holt Fontana Village as well as families in Holt’s family preservation program.

By Brian Campbell, Creative Services Director

Arcahaie, Haiti— It’s hot and humid as we step off the plane. This is typical for Haiti. Though the heat isn’t overwhelming by recent east coast standards, you could steam rice in the humidity here. Outside the

The road from Port-au-Prince to Montrouis, lined with makeshift homes nearly 2 years after a devastating earthquake.

airport, the masses of people that seem about to crush, give way to polite “excusé” and gracious smiles. A familiar face joins the fray, that of Supreme, Holt’s programs manager in Haiti. Soon the city of Port-au-Prince begins to fade and the miles to Holt Fontana Village slip by, as our SUV negotiates rough and unfinished roads to Montrouis.

Supreme, Holt's programs manager in Haiti, with Rachael, a child in Holt's care.

As Supreme picks and chooses the narrow roads, a red steel gate, along a walled compound appears. With a few toots of the horn, the gate slides to one side – inside, a paradise. Flowering trees and neat paths lay ahead. The humidity makes an attempt to dampen, but it’s blown aside by the sea breeze and the sound of excited little voices teetering from the cottages of Holt Fontana Village. The curious faces begin to pour out, and serious and polite little handshakes are exchanged. Little fingers poke at the camera bits and unusual hair colorings. Smiles meet smiles. Soon laughter ensues, as tickle jumping games take the place of the  planned activities. Just kids being kids. The outside world, filled with difficulty and distress, is replaced with love, happiness and opportunity.


To sponsor a child in Haiti, click here

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