Meet Qiu Xuan Feng

A pastor at a church in Georgia is inspired to sponsor a child at a Winter Jam concert

She’s the newest – somewhat – addition to the Herrington household. On Sunday, January 15th, Billie and I agreed to become her monthly sponsor until she is adopted by a family. We did this through Holt International, who shared their message at the Winter Jam concert we drove our youth group to.

When I heard about Holt’s mission, I immediately became interested. Holt works to bring children into loving homes either in their birth country or through international adoption. This piqued my interest.

As I heard the pitch, the Lord spoke to me immediately and told me to sponsor a baby girl from China. Throughout the speech, China wasn’t referenced and I wasn’t sure if there were any children available for sponsorship from China, but I knew what I felt. When it came time for sponsorship sign-up, I looked over to Billie and told her we needed to go to the table.  I wanted us to find a girl from China to sponsor. As we made our way to the table, I saw thousands of children and my heart broke for them. I looked down and my eyes almost immediately landed on the beautiful baby girl pictured above. Her name is Qiu Xuan and she was born in June of 2011. She’s not even a year old yet. My Rylee isn’t a year old yet. My heart melted. I picked her up and asked the worker if there were any other Chinese baby girls available.  To my amazement, there wasn’t. She was the only child from China available that night, and I was holding her card.

We signed up to be her sponsor with a monthly payment cycle. I may never meet this beautiful little girl, but I know she’s being taken care of. Today, she is healthy and growing, as you can tell by her picture. Maybe one day I’ll meet this precious little girl, but, if not, I hope that — in some way — our giving will bless her and help her in life.

Ryan and his wife, Billie, at a Winter Jam concert. Go to to volunteer at an upcoming concert!

Since the day we signed up, a weird thing is happening in me. I suppose the love I have for my little girl, Rylee, has opened my heart up so much more. I’ve found myself actually considering international adoption — when the time is right, of course. I want to do so much more than send 34 dollars a month to a child.  When thinking about the thousands of children who are abandoned and orphaned, it just seems so necessary to do more.  To know that in China, a child could be just dropped off and left….it’s heartbreaking.  Will that child ever get to feel the love of a parent?  The way that I love my little girl? Every child deserves that feeling. Who knows what the future holds?

I only know what I feel right now.



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  1. My family and I were also inspired to sponsor a child at the Winter Jam concert. When my husband and I showed the youth group that was with us our new child, they also were inspired to sponsor a child. I was so impressed by them and the thought that they put into selecting their child. They were so excited. I am so thankful for the oportunity to be a sponsor.

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