With Room to Grow, She Blossoms

As of July 2012, Naomi has a family!!!

Date of Birth: June 16, 2005

From Southeast Asia

Naomi* is a shy and sensitive girl.

When Naomi was just an infant, she lost her parents to AIDS, living briefly afterward with her elderly grandmother. Unable to care for her any longer, her grandmother brought Naomi to a local childcare institution when she was 2 years old. At the time, Naomi was so sick her hair was falling out.

Naomi was born HIV-positive. In care, she received treatment for her condition, responding well.  Now 6, Naomi has thick, dark, shiny hair, full round cheeks, and bright eyes. Her caregivers describe her as generous and caring with a good intellectual capacity. Because of her health, however, Naomi started school later than her peers, and became slightly delayed.  In May, she started kindergarten.

Last March, Jessica Palmer, Holt’s waiting child program manager, visited Naomi at her home in Southeast Asia.  Scared of new people, especially foreigners, Naomi sat in the corner, quietly crying. Given space, she grew more comfortable.

“She talks a lot and is described as a generous, sharing, caring child who copies caregivers with the younger children,” Jessica says. Although shy and insecure when meeting Jessica, in the company of her friends, she is chatty and happy.

The right family for Naomi will understand the medical and social ramifications of HIV, and appropriately advocate for her. Fearful of new people, she will need a patient, understanding and encouraging family to help her thrive in a completely new environment.

Wondering what it takes to raise a child with HIV?  

With treatment, kids born with HIV today are expected to live a normal lifespan.  “She can do everything. She can get married.  She can have children.  She can be in the Olympics.  She can do anything anyone else can do,” Holt adoptive mom Terri Roback says of her daughter, Sachi.  In 2007, Terri and Brad Roback became HIV adoption pioneers when they brought home Sachi, the first child adopted from India with HIV. Click here to read their story.

For more information about Naomi, contact Jessica Palmer at jessicap@holtinternational.org.

Click here to read Jessica’s blog about her visit with Naomi and another little girl named Nadia. Nadia is also HIV-positive.

* name changed

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  1. How do we get more information about this little girl, and find out if we are eligible?

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