Jesus Loves Jamie….And Somewhere a Family is Waiting to Love her Too.

Jamie Needs a family

Birthdate: October, 2002, Africa

by Ashli Keyser, Managing Editor

I just read through Jamie’s bio on Holt’s Waiting Child photolisting. She’s 8 years old and lives in Africa. I’m often drawn to the cute, endearing qualities in the children’s bios — the qualities that make each child unique and special.

Jamie loves to sing. Most children do. But Jamie likes to sing gospel music, in particular. I smile at this little detail and think of gospel songs Jamie might know. This thought takes me back to my Sunday school days…..

I’m 4 years old, standing on the edge of a church stage and wearing a pretty blue, flowered dress. My hair is curled and in a ponytail. I’m short. The height of the stage only adds to my nervousness. Fifteen other children stand with me, waiting to sing. Having practiced this song many times, I shouldn’t be nervous. But I am. I hear the piano start. Unsure of myself, I slowly scan the audience and find two familiar faces – my mom and dad. We lock eyes. They smile at me, and I smile back. The nerves quickly dissipate as I start to sing…..

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, they are weak, but He is strong.”

With my parent’s love, their smiles and encouragement, I confidently make it through the song.

I think back to Jamie’s love of gospel music and wonder if she’s ever been taught this popular and universal Sunday school song. Maybe she sings it in Luganda, her native language…. ay yah gah lahn zeh, ay yah gah lahn zeh, ay yah gah lahn zeh, Yayogera bw’atyo.” Maybe she doesn’t know it yet, and needs a family to teach it to her.

Today, Jamie sings to her friends and caretakers. She sings to these special people in her life because, at nine months old, Jamie was abandoned by her parents and brought to a Holt care center. Her parents weren’t around to teach her the songs she has grown to love. They weren’t around to listen to Jamie sing for them.

Because she was abandoned at such a young age, not much is known about Jamie’s past.

But today Jamie’s life is much different. Jamie is a friendly and happy child who loves to smile and laugh.  Her caretakers say she is responsible and driven.  She can count, say her alphabet and identify body parts, all of which she does by singing songs, of course. Jamie loves to play outside and makes friends easily. She loves her friends, and they love her, as do her caretakers.

And just as the classic children’s song says, Jesus loves Jamie too. God has a plan for Jamie….and you can be part of that plan. Maybe you aren’t Jamie’s future parents, but maybe someone you know has been praying for a child like Jamie. Share her story with them. And pray that the perfect family comes for her soon.

Jamie needs a family to teach her new things – teach her new words and new songs. She needs a family to listen to her sing, and to give her confidence when she does sing.

So that maybe, one day, she too can stand on a stage, look out into the audience and see loving, familiar faces – her mom and dad, smiling and cheering her on as she starts to sing……

“…. ay yah gah lahn zeh, ay yah gah lahn zeh ….Yes, Jesus Loves Me…. For the Bible tells me so.”

We know that Jesus loves Jamie. And somewhere, we know, a family is waiting to love her too. Let’s help bring them together.

Click here to read more about Jamie and the requirements to adopt her.

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