Make Parenting a Pleasure – in India, Ethiopia or Oregon

Tell me and I forget.  Show me and I remember.  Involve me and I understand.

As a trainer of parent educators, Minalee Saks has often quoted this proverb to explain how children learn.

Until recently, she had never heard it sung. “Suddenly, I was hearing social workers attending a training in Pune, India, combine their voices and actions to add new meaning to the words,” she recently wrote in a guest article for The Eugene Register-Guard.

Minalee is the founder and executive director of Birth to Three, an organization that provides parenting education and support for families of young children. In previous years, Holt partnered with Birth to Three for trainings in Romania and Ukraine. The program was a great success with parents and educators alike.  So when Holt decided to organize a training for social workers from around the globe, they asked Minalee to lead it.  In February, 19 women from 6 countries traveled to Pune, India to learn Birth to Three’s “Make Parenting a Pleasure” curriculum.

From day one, Minalee couldn’t stop smiling.  After four days, she left India resolute about one universal truth: “Parents are parents throughout the world. Regardless of cultures, allegiances, experiences, living situations or countries — people love their children and want the best for them. Whether living in Creswell, Eugene, Kiev or Addis Ababa, all parents have hopes and dreams for their children.”

Read Minalee’s full article here.


3 Replies to “Make Parenting a Pleasure – in India, Ethiopia or Oregon”

  1. I hope that the training participants will see this article and that they are doing very well. I know that Marinel from the Philippines has successfully offered a Make Parenting A Pleasure series. Good thoughts to all!

  2. This is such a great thing that you all are doing. I was adopted from Pune, India through Holt International Children’s Serves and it’s been a blessing ever since! We appreciate all the things you have done for this organization!

    With great love,

    Rani Franklin

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