Take a Look at Her Now! — From Loving Caretakers to Loving Family

How a simple idea changed the life of a child in Holt’s care

Remember this story? In the summer of 2009, Tony Nolan, special guest speaker for Winter Jam, visited Holt’s care centers in China while traveling to meet his daughter, Fei Fei. On his journey, he met another very special little girl named *Qui. Born without feet, Qui would experience great pain while walking. Observing Qui’s struggles, a caretaker took initiative and created a simple device that helped Qui walk with comfort and ease. Tony Nolan and the rest of the team were touched by the caretaker’s love and consideration for the little girl.

“I am amazed at how much passion Holt staff has for these children, and how they demonstrate that passion in little and big ways,” said Tony. “To have someone at Nanchang who would have the creativity, desire and motivation to do something above and beyond the call of duty is just awesome!” ….Read about Qui and her loving caretaker in the story, “Little Steps.”

Today, 2 years later, Qui, now Lilah, is home with her parents, Anne and Mike, and her big brother, Luke.

“Where Luke came quietly into our home,” says Anne and Mike, “Lilah came in like a hurricane! She is high energy, boisterous, and terribly funny…we’re not sure Lilah believes she has a disability. No feet. No problem.” ….read about Lilah’s journey home, click here

Tony Nolan is currently on tour with Winter Jam 2011.  Click here for a concert near you, and for ways to help!  Holt still needs volunteers to help at each concert!

Click here to learn more about Holt’s China Child of Promise option for children with manageable, treatable conditions….

*Name changed

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