Sam, Minnie and Me — Sam is This Week’s Waiting Child

UPDATE: As of December 2011, Sam has a family! Thank you to everyone who shared his story. And congratulations to Sam!

by Robin Munro, Senior Writer

DOB: 7/5/2007

Sam discovers Minnie!

I met Sam* this past summer at an orphanage in northern China.  When I saw his face recently posted to the Waiting Child photolisting, I thought, I have to tell families about this boy!

On a tour of the facility, we moved from room to room, observing children at play, children in school, children in therapy, children napping.  In one room, we came upon a group of small children sitting in a corner.  Many of them just stared, wide-eyed and not quite sure what to make of us.

Not Sam.

Without hesitation, he frog-hopped over to us in his baby blue Crocs (the shoe of choice, it seems, at orphanages in China).  He seemed particularly intrigued with the stuff we brought – Sue’s backpack, my camera bag.  His little fingers immediately went rummaging through an open pocket, where to his delight, he came upon a Minnie Mouse keychain – a recognized character, and an obvious toy in his estimation.  Together, we sat and shared a moment of common understanding… over Minnie.

Sam is 3 and has some special needs, including paralysis of his upper left limb.  Abandoned within a month of his birth at a nearby hospital, Sam’s only known family are the caregivers and other children with whom he was raised at the social welfare institute.  His caregivers report that he is talkative and likes to sing, play games and clap his hands.  His favorite toy is a little car and he likes to eat bananas and oranges.  Although he can be stubborn and sometimes fights over toys, Sam generally gets along well with other children.

He is, his caregivers say, an extroverted child with a ready smile.  To this, I can adamantly attest!

* name changed

For more information about Sam, contact the Waiting Child department.

For information about adopting from China, click here.

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