The Gift of Time

Holt adoptive parents volunteer at Winter Jam

by Lisa Sharpless

We are the extremely busy parents of five children. Our days are filled to the brim with activities, practices, home-educating our three younger children, and basically just keeping the house from imploding. It’s difficult to fit much else in, and we tend to give an emphatic “No!” to any requests for our time. But last year, when we heard that Holt needed volunteers to help out with Winter Jam, we knew we just had to jump in.

We were assigned to the floor of the arena and during the concert we were invited backstage to meet and chat with Eddie Carswell, a member of NewSong. But the highlight of the night was manning the tables covered with countless pictures of children waiting to be sponsored. We’d answer people’s questions and take their information as they’d try to choose the right child. And with thankful hearts, we told them that our daughter used to be one of those pictures.

Four years ago, we got the call from Holt telling us about a precious, little 5-year-old in China who needed a family. Much to our delight, she also happened to be in the Holt sponsorship program. Though we don’t know who her sponsors were, we can guess that they hung her picture on their refrigerators, pored over the updates sent by Holt and prayed for her to find a forever family. Because of them, Suzanna had everything she needed, including a loving foster family to keep her happy and healthy until we could bring her home.

In 2010, over 10,000 Winter Jam concertgoers said “YES” to sponsoring a child! This year, we’ve set our sights higher…Help us reach 15,000 sponsors – 300 at each concert! It’s easy and fun! Check to see if Winter Jam is coming to your town and sign up online. Email for more information. Rock the House with Holt and NewSong at Winter Jam 2011 – Raise Your Voice for Children!

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