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Alana and her grandmother need a fresh start this holiday season…through Holt’s Gifts of Hope catalog, you can help!

Six-year-old Alana should be well into her first year of school right now, but instead, she remains in a small, one-room house in a tiny village of southern Ethiopia. Having lost both of her parents to disease, Alana now lives with her grandmother, who struggles to provide Alana with her next meal, let alone an education.

Through Holt’s family preservation program in Ethiopia, there is hope for this family. For the past three years, families have entered into the program only to transition out a year later, stronger, healthier and happier.

In July, Holt reported on one such success story. Brought back to life through Holt support and generous donations, Ejamo’s family used start-up supplies and a micro finance loan to help them go from poor and helpless, to strong and stable. Sponsorship support brought warm clothes, medical treatment and education materials to Ejamo’s five children.   A start-up supply of seeds allowed Ejamo to grow and sell vegetables and, after awhile, the family saved enough money to purchase a cow, and wood for building a new and stronger house.

The transformation Ejamo made in a year’s time is simply extraordinary — a perfect representation of how a family’s life can be transformed with a little help and a lot of courage….Read Ejamo’s story here.

Holt does what we can to help, but our support would mean nothing without the family’s willingness to take the next step. It takes the drive and determination of families like Ejamo’s to make this program a success. Keeping their family together is what motivates them, and Holt — with your help — is happy to meet them half way.

“The initiative these families are taking is amazing,” says Larry Cahill, Holt board member, who visited Holt’s Ethiopia programs in April. “Their willpower is even more amazing.”

A few months ago, Ejamo’s family transitioned out of the program, making room for another family needing assistance. “So many families in Ethiopia need help,” says Tesfaye Betachew, Holt’s head social worker in Ethiopia.

Accepted into the program in August, Alana and her grandmother still struggle to survive. Stability, however, doesn’t happen overnight. Alana’s grandmother needs time and ongoing support to be successful.

“For this family, and all of the families entering our program, we work on making the appropriate means of intervention to render a holistic support,” says Tesfaye.

This time next year, Holt would love to write a story about Alana and her grandmother, sharing photos of Alana on her way to school, with nutritious food in her stomach and a smile on her face.

With your help, we did it for Ejamo and his family.  Now let’s do it for Alana and her grandmother.

Providing livestock to a struggling family is just one way you can help children and families in Holt’s care this holiday season…click here to see our list of life-changing gifts in our Gifts of Hope catalog…

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