Waiting Child of the Week: Let’s Find Min-kee a Family this Thanksgiving

Since Holt’s beginning, 55 years ago, many children with special needs at the Ilsan Center in Korea have gone home to wonderful permanent families.  Today, we ask for your help on behalf of one resident, Min-kee,  a spirited and sweet 6-year-old waiting for a family of his own.

Min-kee came into the care of Ilsan at 16 months of age.  Upon arrival, he had a large ASD of the heart, but has since had this surgically closed.  His current, suspected diagnosis is Noonan syndrome.  Min-kee can feed and dress himself, uses the bathroom with little help and receives speech, art and music therapy.  “Min-kee is so charming and has come so far,” says Molly Holt, Holt Korea director. “The housemothers and the residents here just love him.”

Access to medical treatment and the loving encouragement of a permanent family will make a huge difference in Min-kee’s life.  This Thanksgiving,  post his story on your Facebook, blog and other social networking sites.  Min-kee needs a special family.  He has waited for six years and we know there is one out there, waiting just for him.  Help us bring them together!


The Following is a letter from Melinda Dionne.  Melinda volunteered at Ilsan for 4 months alongside Molly Holt.  She describes Min-kee as “the cutest little guy ever!”….

by Melinda Dionne

During my time at Ilsan Town, I had the privilege of living among the residents for four months. And one of those residents was 6-year-old Min-Kee.

Min-Kee is a bright little boy that is both charming and independent. There are several little boys around the age of six who live at Ilsan, and they all play and live together. Min-Kee is a very social little boy, and often will take the lead among his peers.

Min-Kee can be shy at first with adults, but once he opens up to you he is engaging. He didn’t care that I didn’t speak Korean, regardless he would ask me questions; and I would do my best to answer them. He’s an inquisitive and spirited little boy.

While I was there, Min-Kee attended regular school daily, and rode the bus with the other children from the neighborhood. After school his schedule was much like any typical American kindergartner, naptime and then a snack and then playing with the other little boys until dinner. I would often see him after school with the little clan of Ilsan boys riding their bikes around the grounds or at the park on the slide or swings.

Min-Kee enjoys singing in the international, “Voices of the Soul” choir, and even has his own moment in the spotlight. During every concert, he takes the place of the conductor and leads the entire choir in a song to the delight of the audience. He takes the attention in stride, and seems unfettered when meeting all kinds of dignitaries in Korea.

This precious little boy loves to eat! He especially has a love for ice cream. Molly always said, “when you don’t have a mother, food is definitely a comfort for these residents.” With that said, I always kept a supply of cookies, chips and crackers in my backpack to hand out when appropriate. One day I had some gum, and gave a piece to Min-Kee. He popped it in his mouth and with a bow and a smile thanked me in Korean.

I pray that someday Min-Kee will get the forever family that he needs. He’s a beautiful boy with so much potential. His energetic spirit, happy disposition and enthusiasm for participation gives me hope there’s a family willing to give him the life he deserves to have.

Watch Min-kee lead the “Voices of the Soul” choir in a song performed for Korean dignitaries….(wait for his bow at the end!)

Help Min-kee, the Waiting Child of the Week, go viral! Forward this to friends and family. Share every week at church or a community group. And repost to your own blog, Facebook page and company site. With the simple press of a button, you can change Min-kee’s life forever!

Want more information on Min-kee?….contact Holt’s Waiting Child program

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  1. Only wish we could meet all of the requirements and hubby back to work after a long layoff. He sure starts my day often with his absolutely cute and engaging smile. Love this little guy and pray he gets a family asap

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