Wishing for the Best

Ranjan has a family!

by Robin Munro, senior writer

“Good Morning! All the best!” *Ranjan says in one breath, with a thumbs-up to greet the child care staff at Vathsalya Charitable Trust (VCT) – a child care center in Bangalore, India.

Today, Ranjan is hopeful and optimistic, wishing for the best – an extraordinary attitude for a boy who, in 5 years of life, has experienced child abandonment, severe health problems, developmental delays and hearing impairment.

Born premature with multiple medical conditions, Ranjan was abandoned at a large government hospital at just a few weeks of age. He came into VCT’s care at 2 months old, weighing a mere 1.5 kg. Shortly thereafter, Ranjan joined a foster family provided by VCT. This blessing has proven instrumental to Ranjan’s growth and development.

Ranjan’s foster mother, a crèche nurse trained in child care, tackled Ranjan’s speech, motor and mental delays as challenges to overcome – relishing small victories as Ranjan worked toward major milestones. “Ranjan smiled today,” she’d enthusiastically report during early visits with VCT child care staff. She noticed, with delight, the first time Ranjan moved his toes. And after two years of occupational therapy and encouragement from his foster family, Ranjan finally learned to walk.

Ranjan attends school and receives speech therapy at VCT. Founded by Holt in 1988, Vathsalya Charitable Trust provides loving, attentive care, education and medical checkups for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children in Bangalore. Holt continues to provide major funding support for VCT programs, enabling children like Ranjan to study, receive rehabilitative therapy and thrive in the embrace of a loving foster family.

The leaps-and-bounds progress Ranjan has made in VCT care also helped him to find an adoptive family in India, with which he was recently matched. At Holt, we strive to give children the nurturing care they need for healthy social, emotional and physical development. In family-like alternatives to institutions such as VCT foster care, children also learn to be part of a family – a relational life skill they take with them when they join their adoptive family.

Holt strives to find permanent, loving families for children through domestic and international adoption, as well as through family reunification and preservation. For many children who enter Holt care, Holt helps their birth families achieve the stability they need to provide a stable home environment.

For other children, rejoining their birth family is not the best solution. For these children, like Ranjan, Holt first strives to find a permanent family within their birth culture. In India, more and more children are finding families through domestic adoption. For others, especially children with special needs, finding permanency means a family overseas must open their heart to international adoption.

To learn about more children like Ranjan who need families, contact the Waiting Child program.

adoptive family.

*name has been changed

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  1. Hooray! We looked at his file in addition to our son’s when we were choosing a child from the waiting children list. So glad he has a family, and in India too!

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