How Will You Celebrate National Adoption Month?

Join the Holt Ambassadors Network

National Adoption Awareness Month – a wonderful time to spread the word about children throughout the world who need loving families – is coming up in November.

Many Holt adoptive families have found a great way to raise awareness about adoption and help more children find families through the Holt Ambassadors Network.

Composed of people who share the Holt story and raise awareness in their communities about the urgent needs of homeless children around the world, Holt Ambassadors get involved by: organizing fundraisers, speaking at churches, schools or civic groups; or volunteering at Holt events…..Join the Holt Ambassadors Network today!

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Holt Ambassador stories and updates:

The Wolterstorffs:

“Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.”(Proverbs 24:12)

Speaking out for the orphans of this world is one of my passions. We need to be the voices for these vulnerable children; if we aren’t, then who will be? I try to find ways to help, speak out and gather donations for children whenever I have the opportunity. Being a member of the Holt Ambassadors Network helps me do this.

Most recently, I collected 200 dresses for an orphanage in Ethiopia and was recently given some photos of the children wearing the dresses. To see what the children had worn before and then to see them with those sweet dresses on and those big smiles, it made me want to do so much more.

Even the small things, like gathering dresses, makes a huge difference in the life of a child…and there is still so much more to be done.

With November being adoption awareness month, I encourage you all to find a way to spread the word.

The Milosevich family:

On November 7th, adoptive parents-to-be Matthew and Naomi Milosevich will speak at their church to help build support for homeless children around the world. On that same day a year ago, the Miloseviches learned of the cause they’ve since championed – finding permanent, loving families for children – when they met a Holt social worker and two adoptive families at an adoption fair. Inspired by their conversation, the Miloseviches decided to move forward with Holt International’s Ethiopia program. They accepted a child referral for their daughter in August and will soon travel to Ethiopia!

The Omaha Marathon

Thank you to Team Holt’s runners and volunteers for raising over $5,000 for Holt’s Ilsan Center in Korea! Team Holt, in its third consecutive year at the Omaha Marathon, had its biggest turnout yet. A whopping 50 people ran on September 28th, composed mostly of Holt employees, adoptive families and adoptees. Holt adoptee Aidan Monoghan, 5, was the youngest member of Holt’s half-marathon and marathon team.

Join the Holt Ambassadors Network and start spreading the word about adoption.

Learn of other ways you can get involved during National Adoption Month

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