We Are Fully Blessed

A mother’s hearing loss, five years prior, leads to the adoption of a hearing impaired son from India

By Ellen Singh

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! And what a blessing Deelip is to us!

My husband, Dave, and I already had two biological daughters, Katelyn and Anna, and one son, Michael, who we adopted from India. Our life was full with our young brood. Yet, for the past several years, we’d continued to casually look at Holt’s “Waiting Child” page. About two years ago, we read a brief description about Deelip, a 3-year-old boy from India, and knew God wanted us to pursue this child.

All we knew about Deelip was his age and his disability of being profoundly deaf. We were specifically interested in a child with hearing issues due to a major event that changed our lives five years prior. In 2004, I contracted bacterial meningitis. By God’s matchless mercy my life was spared. I woke up from a drug-induced coma with complete hearing loss in my left ear. As a result, we have learned so much about hearing issues and have a great sensitivity to others in similar situations. At age 36, I had to instantly learn how to live with single-sided hearing loss, which has been a great challenge.

Through this devastating event, I got to know various hearing professionals and volunteer in hearing loss research. I learned that St. Louis, near where we live, is a Mecca of hearing loss treatment and research in this country. Plus, there were several schools for the deaf nearby!

After discussing Deelip’s medical records with my ENT specialist and touring a local school for the deaf, we were absolutely confirmed that God was leading us to pursue Deelip.

As we waited for him, we prayed. God’s leading on this faith journey is evident in countless ways. Most especially, it seemed as if my seemingly devastating illness and resulting hearing loss experience came around full circle to blossom into an unexpected blessing!

When we decided to pursue adopting Deelip, we were two months out from having lost Dave’s mother, and her two sisters in a car accident. We were in deep grief. God said, “Trust me and I will provide.” We weren’t sure if we could afford another adoption, the potential major cost of bilateral cochlear implants and specialized schooling. God said, “Trust me and I will provide.” And true to His nature, He has provided for our every need, big and small, and in ways we didn’t even know we needed!

God gives and takes away. He has given us Deelip, and he is our forever son. Dave and I traveled to India this past November to bring him home. The very first moment that he saw me, his eyes got big and sparkly, and he literally leaped out of his chair. He knew who I was and knew that we were taking him home!

Deelip is now five and full of life! He is smart, energetic, charming, clever, funny, and fearless. He is all boy and doesn’t let his hearing/language/speech delay slow him down much! Deelip had bilateral cochlear implant surgery in January and began school at the Central Institute for the Deaf that next week. The irony is that, when in surgery for the implants, Dr. Hullar found evidence of past meningitis, which further confirmed that Deelip was to be part of our family. Deelip embraces his new family, new “ears”, new school and new life with such zeal and passion. He is a flower just beginning to fully blossom.

God called us. We obey. And we are now fully blessed!

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  1. Dave and Ellen,
    I was so blessed to find this on the web. What a beautiful family you have! The years have passed so quickly, Dave. I still miss your mom so much and know she would love to see her grandkids, but also know she wouldn’t leave the beautiful place she is now. I hope your dad is doing well. I know he has so many friends to keep him busy. God bless you all!

  2. Seriously…this is a great decision that you have made by giving someone a beautiful life. Going thorough some unfavorable condition and then adopting the boy having the same concern is really appreciable…Great!!

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