The Gift of Compassion

by Brenna Bonner

I had barely heard the last few words of the radio advertisement for the Secret Keeper Girl event, but I did hear it, and four weeks later my daughter, five friends and myself were on our way to the event. On the night before Mother’s Day, our spirits were high and we looked forward to a fun evening.

The Secret Keeper Girl presentation captivated us from the very start. We sang worship music, listened to teachings on modesty, watched a fashion show, and learned what God says about our true beauty.

Those events were just the beginning, however. The Holy Spirit had just begun to speak.

As intermission approached, the presenters on stage switched gears, and Secret Keeper Girl Creator, Dannah Gresh, shared the story of how she was lead by God to adopt a child through Holt International. She also discussed Holt’s Child Sponsorship Program. I was riveted.

Over the last four years, I had visited many child sponsorship tables at concerts, ministry events and Christian conferences. I would often respond to the nudging of the Holy Spirit and go looking for the one child that caught my eye. Would I choose a boy? A girl? A child from Romania? China? Honduras? Should I choose an older child? An infant? Before I knew it, I had let loud worldly questions drown out God’s voice…but on this night, at the Secret Keeper Girl event, things would be different.

My daughter and I looked at young faces arranged on Holt International’s table. Where was the child our Father was calling me to? I looked and looked, and once again those same questions swirled in my head. This time, however, I wasn’t alone. God sent a helper to show me the way. It was a child…my child, Morgan. After repeatedly putting down the smiling babies handed to her, Morgan brought me a packet. On the front was the picture of a child, her body broken by significant physical disability. “Mom, this one needs our help the most,” said Morgan. My daughter’s heart ached for the child no one would choose.

My tears flowed. It was nearly Mother’s Day, and my daughter was teaching me about God’s love for the least, the forgotten, the broken and the helpless. She was showing me that God has not forgotten them, and neither should we. I could hear the Holy Spirit loud and clear, and was humbled by the precious gift of that moment between the three of us. We sponsored Wan Bin that night, and while driving home, we cried and talked about what had transpired in our hearts.

God’s strong presence has not left us. Even days later, I can still hear my loving Father saying: “Happy Mother’s Day, Brenna, here is the gift of compassion.”

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