Shinshicho, Ethiopia–A place of healing

Brian Campbell, Creative Services Director

An excerpt from Brian’s Travel Diary while in Ethiopia.

Durame, Ethiopia—The washboard, gravel roads from the only hotel in Durame jostle our team along the way to the Holt Shinshicho Clinic. The clouds are beginning to break as the sun comes up and rain from the night before has created a shimmering lushness to the surrounding hillsides. All along this road can be seen people making their way to work. Bundles of firewood, donkeys carrying grain or coffee, women with containers of water share the road with us. To the side of the road, children can be seen in their well-worn school uniforms heading to classes. Other children remain behind, long switches in hand, tending to a couple of cows or a small flock of sheep and goats.

Holt International, in partnership with doctors from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Korea, will be volunteering and performing medical procedures including surgeries from the Holt Shinshicho Clinic and the Durame Hospital over the next five days. Holt Board member Dr. Becca Brandt and her husband Dr. Kim Brandt are here to lend their services and expertise to the efforts and to provide much- needed medical services to the surrounding people in the Kampata region served by these two facilities.

Our arrival at the gates of the clinic is met by a mass of people waiting to enter. This brings a smile to Dr. Becca Brandt’s face.

“This is good”, she begins to explain. “Most people would not come to the clinic or they wait until their needs are too great before they come. Now the clinic has been able to get the message out to the community that we are here to provide the services and they should come and use them.”Dr. Becca Brandt going over charts for examinations at the Sinshicho Clinic.

Becca has been to this region five time previously, the last time being in October for the first Holt medical campaign, and has seen the Holt program here grow over the last 4 years.

Today, the Holt International Shinshicho clinic is a vital part of not only the physical health of this community, but to the relational health of the community. Trusted and respected, the Shinshicho clinic has become a place of healing for families and children.

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