Help For the People of Haiti

Holt is assisting Children and Families affected by the devastating Earthquake

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday saw children and families, already starving and impoverished, left with nothing. Holt is now in Haiti helping to assist the children and families who are struggling to survive in this broken country.

Although communication with our staff in Haiti continues to be difficult and there are still many unknowns, we have learned from Holt-Haiti Director, Mansour Masse that the 30 children being cared for at Holt Fontana Village are “OK.”  Holt has been in Haiti since 2004 and the Village, located about 40 miles North of Port-au-Prince, is home to children waiting to go home to their permanent families in the United States.

“We are profoundly grateful the children and staff in our center are safe,” said Holt President and CEO, Kim Brown. “We still do not have an assessment of the 120 families in our Family Preservation program, and we are doing all we can to determine their safety.”

Christian music group and Holt advocate, Julian Drive, was in Haiti on a humanitarian trip when the earthquake hit. The group has now safely made it home to the United States.

“As we flew away and looked over the devastated city,” said Shane Bowers. “I could not help but have a huge burden in my heart for those left behind that are now forced to try and reassemble a life that was already so broken to start with. God help the people of Haiti.”

Before departing Haiti, the group did whatever they could to help in this dire situation and be an encouragement to the frightened children at Holt Fontana Village. They put on a concert for the children in the Village and the surrounding community and brought a little brightness into the lives of the families who have lost so much.

Holt will continue to help the people in Haiti. We ask for your continued support and prayers for the devastated children and families.

The Following is a blog entry written by Julian Drive member, Shane Bowers, while in Haiti….

Hello everyone. For those who are not aware, Shaun, Josh, James and I have been in Haiti since this past Monday with Holt International. The earthquake was devastating and frightening to say the least. I wanted to update you all, and assure you that the guys and I are doing okay.

We are here supporting Holt International and have been visiting with the orphanage and observing the dire poverty that plagues this nation. Fortunately, we were 40 miles from Port Au Prince in a small village when the earthquake actually hit. We immediately realized the destruction in Port-Au-Prince would be severe, because the view as we flew in and drove through the city was of a very crowded city with literally nowhere to run. People pack every street, along with pigs, goats, cows, and garbage between old, rundown buildings. While we are overcome with grief for the people of Port-Au-Prince, it’s no surprise that there has been such a loss of life.

If you’re looking for a way to specifically pray for us during this time, please pray for our families first. All our wives, parents and siblings are nervous; understandably. We’re more worried for them! You might also pray for our finances, wisdom, and most importantly that we won’t miss this opportunity for ministry. God has placed us here at this specific time for a specific reason. Pray that whatever comes of our trip here will be used for His glory.  More than anything; pray for the people of Haiti.

If you wish to help in any capacity with the relief effort here in Haiti , you may go to They are on the ground meeting needs as we speak and need your help. The best way to do that is through monetary donations. Also, the very orphans we are here to help and love on will need our ongoing help now more than ever. If you want to help through a child sponsorship of $30 per month, click here. Blessings to all and I hope to see you soon.

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