Heartbreaking times in Haiti

Kris Thompson, Holt’s Director of Donor Engagement, was in Haiti along with Christian music group, Julian Drive, when the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Tuesday afternoon. The following is Kris’ account of that day.

By Kris Thompson, Director of Donor Engagement

Monstrouis, Haiti—We are 40 miles from Port-au-Prince so we really felt the quake, and the aftershocks have been very intense. There is major panic amongst The Haitians, as they have never experienced anything like this before. Our group had just gotten out of our vehicle at the hotel when it hit. The car was shaking in all different directions, and I am amazed that the wall we were next to didn’t come down. As we looked up at the mountains, we witnessed major rockslides in the area we were supposed to travel to that day.

We could tell it was a major earthquake, and Eric and I both said we thought it was a 7 or 8 magnitude. We told everyone to try their cell phones and go online to get word to the families that we were OK. As soon as the send button was pushed we lost all access.

Most of the people in our hotel slept outside last night, and we all stayed in our rooms with evacuation plans. The last major tremor I felt was at 12:15 a.m. actually strong enough to get me out of bed. The hotel and Holt Fontana Village survives on generators so our access to TV, computers etc. are limited, and the phones were not working.

The Holt Fontana Village in Montrouis didn’t have any damage, and Holt-Haiti Director, Mansour Masse, reported that the beautiful children are all OK and took it in stride. The caregivers stay at Holt Fontana Village during the week to care for the children and then go home to Port-au-Prince. Please pray for these ladies, as they are so worried and have not heard from their families.

Mansour Masse’s life changed yesterday as so many children became orphans last night.  Mansour will be their Hope through Holt. Well…as I am typing this we hear loud cries…one of the care providers just found out two of her family members died last night…it just breaks my heart.

We had great prayer time with the Holt Field Director, and we have already had many prayers answered. Mansour is doing an incredible job taking care of everyone.

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  1. Well, we are all praying here in Wichita,Ks for you and the families there in Haiti. I know it will be a tough road ahead but with God in control. My family sponsors a little girl there in Haiti by the name of Sylvia Jacques so we are praying that she and her family are going to be ok. Prayers also go out to the relief workers that have come so far..Lord help this nightmare to ease up.

    In God’s Love,

  2. So heartbroken for the children in Haiti. I’ve been scouring the web for news on Fontana. I also sponsor a little girl there and I’ve been crying to the Lord for her. Her name is Celiene Verty. I’m so relieved the children are okay. Hopefully as a result of the quake, the outdated adoption laws in Haiti will be changed and we can more easily take in these precious children. They truly are now the poor wanderers whom we should take in that Isaiah speaks of. I pray for Jesus to be magnified in this crisis and these children and workers be sheltered in the shadow of his wings.

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