Orphan Sunday

Child Sponsors Can Prevent Child Abandonment.

Around the world, thousands of children are abandoned — not because they aren't loved, but because their families lack the resources to provide for them. Most children considered "orphans" today actually have at least one living parent or extended family members who could care for them — and that is who they should live with. When a child becomes separated from his or her family due to poverty, it is very traumatizing for both the parent and the child. But through child sponsorship, you can provide the nurturing care children need while we work to reunite them with their families. You can also prevent children from becoming orphaned or abandoned in the first place. In fact, the best way to reduce the global number of orphaned and abandoned children is to provide support and resources to struggling families — enabling children to grow and thrive, and keeping families strong and together.



Our downloadable videos, posters and bulletin inserts are free to use at your church, school, work or community center to help you advocate for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children.

Small Poster

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Large Poster

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Bulliten Insert

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Be A Voice To The Voiceless

Learn about children who need a sponsor and challenge your friends,
family and church community to become sponsors, too.

If you have questions or would like to have some child sponsorship packets sent to you to share with your church community for Orphan Sunday, please call or email Amber Ezell at ambere@holtinternational.org or 541-687–2202 ext. 175. 



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