Red Stone School Lunch
Give a child their only guaranteed meal of the day!

Mongolia kids - Thank you

For children like Khulan and Nyambayar the lunch they receive at the Red Stone School is often their only meal of the day. But this meal is not guaranteed. It is lovingly provided because of generous, kind people like you!...

It’s critically important to ensure every child at the Red Stone School or living in or near the dump in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia has warm, healthy meals — especially in winter!

By providing school lunch, you can keep a child’s belly full of the kinds of foods that prevent hunger-related disease and fuel their mind to retain everything they learn.

Today, would you give $30 or more to provide a month of school lunch to one or more children? Or, your gift of $90 or more will give one child school lunch every day for the next quarter — bringing them comfort through the harsh winter months, when temperatures dip to 40 degrees below zero.

Each meal is cooked on site and costs about $1.50 a day or $30 per month per child, providing a healthy balance of protein, starch and dairy.

On behalf of all the students and their parents, we wish you great blessings. Thank you for your generosity!

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