Growing Up in Garbage
A place no child should ever be.

The children who attend the Red Stone School in Mongolia come from a place where no child should ever be....

Their parents work in the city’s largest garbage dump, collecting recyclables for income, and many families also live inside the wire fence that rims this sprawling wasteland.

If not for your support of children at the Red Stone School — an informal, two-room school that sits just down the hill from the landfill — the children of this community would not be in school at all.

Very likely, they would work alongside their parents in this dangerous and highly toxic environment. Every year, children become disabled or even die when they fall off garbage trucks into the landfill.

But you can protect a child from these dangers. Your gift of $150 today will provide a year of education for a child at Red Stone School, including supplies, books, a clean uniform, warm coat and shoes, and a safe, warm place to learn surrounded by teachers and children who understand and support them.

You can also immediately change the life of a child and a family in the Red Stone community by building a traditional Mongolian home — a ger.

Through your gift today, you will empower a child to begin a life in a new and different place, a better place — a place where they should be.

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$15 provides one month of education for a child. Can you provide an academic year of education?

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