Give Christmas to Your Sponsored Child!

Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of our Savior, the love of our families and the gratitude we feel for God's blessings. It is a day that no child should go without feeling loved. Especially your sponsored child.

And today, you can share the joy of Christmas with your sponsored child!

For just $25, you can give your sponsored child a special Christmas celebration filled with a party, special meal, treats, games and even a present, handpicked just for them!

Because of what's happened this year due to COVID-19, your gift is more important than ever. Although some parties may be delayed due to the pandemic, your gift given before November 30 will definitely arrive on time for Christmas. And it will be so special and appreciated by your sponsored child.

No child should be left out of Christmas. I know you believe that as much as I do. And with an additional gift of $25, you can give a child without a sponsor the same opportunity to experience the wonder and love that Christmas brings.

Because every child in Holt's programs has experienced desperate need, heartbreaking loss or painful circumstances, their laughter and happiness rings especially beautiful during their Christmas celebration. It's the sound of their resilience and joy, despite everything they've faced.

Will you share the joy of Christmas with your sponsored child this year?


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