Emergency: Orphaned Kids in Haiti Need Food!
For $2 per day, you can feed one child

Haiti Donation Thank You

We recently partnered with a new orphanage in Haiti, and the needs are so much more urgent than we anticipated. Kids are hungry. They are too thin, and too small for their age.

This orphanage is facing hunger and food shortages far worse than I ever imagined. Seventy-six children live at this orphanage. Food shortages and soaring food costs mean that two nights per week children like 11-year-old Esnel get just a small glass of milk for dinner.

But you can help a hungry child, right now. For $2 per day, you can give a child in Haiti the food he or she needs to grow strong and healthy. You can end the hunger pains a child feels at school, at night, all the time!

Esnel is so anemic and malnourished, he had to be hospitalized. Other children suffer with protruding bellies, hair loss and skin infections. They have constant colds, runny noses and dangerous illnesses, like diarrhea.

Right now, $62 will provide enough food for Esnel or another child to have breakfast, lunch and dinner for one month.

You can be the hero Esnel or another child needs. You can give him warm, healthy meals.

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