Adoption Application Photos and Tax Return Submission

Please use the form below to send us your digital photos and Federal Income Tax Return.
  • One family photo with all family members living in the home.
  • One photo of the exterior of your home
  • One copy of page one of your last three years' Federal Income Tax Returns

Steps: For a PC, simply click on the "Browse..." button and locate your image file on your computer.(for a Mac, click on the "Choose File" button)
Once you have located the file, select "Open" or "Choose"
The path to your image file should be listed in the field below.
If the path is correct, fill out the infomation and click the "Submit" button.
Your image file will be sent to us.
(You may send us up to 2 image files)
Send us your photos and tax return
Image File 1 (less 3 MB jpeg or jpg file)

Image File 2 (less 3 MB jpeg or jpg file)

Tax Return
(less 3 MB doc or pdf file)

Tax Return
(less 3 MB doc or pdf file)

Tax Return
(less 3 MB doc or pdf file)

* indicates a required field

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