Maybe it’s because people still believe that girls are abandoned at higher rates than boys.

Maybe it’s easier to visualize life with a little girl.

Maybe it’s because girls are “made of sugar and spice and everything nice” and gender stereotypes that peg girls as sweet and vulnerable have created a misconception that boys are not also sweet and vulnerable.

Whatever the reason, year after year, more than 80 percent of hopeful adoptive families continue to request a girl when they apply to adopt through Holt.

In every country where we work, an equal number of boys and girls need adoptive families. But this preference for girls means that boys end up waiting longer for an adoptive family.

Sometimes, much longer.

Sometimes, their whole lives.

But boys deserve permanent, loving families just as much as girls.

We need your help to raise awareness about the need for families to adopt boys! Together, we can ensure a loving family for every child — every girl, and every boy.

Meeting Landon


Witness the moment when Adam and Stephanie became mom and dad to Landon, and see how their love grew over their first days together. Spoiler Alert: You may need a box of tissues!



Can you envision your family with a boy? Read more about the need for families to adopt boys, and hear from families who either left the gender of their adopted child open, switched from requesting a girl to a boy, or opened their heart to a boy somewhere along the process.

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