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Articles by adoptees
"Adoptee Thoughts on FACE Act" By Ji In Lugtu
"Who Are You Also Known As?" Adult Adoptee ~ Hollee McGinnis ~ story from the New York Times

Korean Programs
HOLT CHILDREN'S SERVICES HOME-COMING PROGRAM Mapo-gu Office and Holt Children's Services, Inc. have joined forces to develop and present their Home-Coming Program that is designed exclusively for Korean Adoptees; the goal is to provide assistance for individuals who want to live and work in Korea. Our objective is to facilitate opportunities for adoptees to better understand their Motherland while building networks with other adoptees as-well-as native Koreans. Our hope is that the Home-Coming Program will help participants to understand their Korean identifies while providing a home base for adoptees during their stay in Korea.

Adoptee Organizations

United States
AAAW – Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington
AKA-NY - Also Known As, Inc. New York
AKA-SF – Association of Korean Adoptees of San Francisco
AKA-SoCal – Association of Korean Adoptees of Southern California
AK Connection – Adopted Koreans Minnesota
BKA – Boston Korean Adoptee
HANA – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
KAAA – Korean Adult Adoptees of Arizona
KAtCH – Korean Adoptees of Chicago
KAHI – Korean Adoptees of Hawaii
NJAAC – New Jersey Adult Adoptee Community
VAN – Vietnamese Adoptee Network
VKV – Vermont Korean Adoptees

KoreaKlubben – Association of Danish Korean Adoptees
AFK – Adopted Koreans Association, Sweden
Arierang – The Netherlands
Dongari – Switzerland
FKA – Forum for Korean Adoptees, Sweden
Mugunghwa – Luxembourg
Association Racines Coreennes – France

GOA’L – Global Overseas Adoptee Link, Korea

Other Resources for Adult Adoptees

IKAA – International Korean Adoptee Association
OAKs – Overseas Adoptee Koreans
AICAN – Australian InterCountry Adoption Network
A4C – Adoptees For Children

Adoptee Research/Studies
Adoptees Do Not Lack Self Esteem
Ground-Breaking Study Recommends Adoptees Get Access To Their Birth Records
First National Study on Intercountry Adoption in Ireland - June 2007 Press Release
Search & Reunion
Holt International Search & Reunion Services
G.O.A.'L to Launch Nationwide Birth Family Search Campaign
Adoptees In The News




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