Hi, We're Max, Yona, Caty, Amy, and Edwin

We are 6, 8, 9, 14 and 16 years old and live in Colombia.

June 2018|January 2016|August 2014|October 2009|December 2007

Meet this friendly sibling group of 5! Max is the oldest, followed by Yona, Caty, Amy, and then finally Edwin.

Edwin is a friendly and happy little boy who is described as curious, social, spontaneous, expressive, creative and respectful. He enjoys reading and inventing stories, playing with puppets and bringing characters to life from his books. Edwin is closest to his siblings and has also established a good connection with his psychologist. He is very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses. Edwin is also very empathetic and is kind to others.

Amy is described as a calm, supportive, sincere, tender and affectionate child who can interact well with others. She can establish strong connections to others. She is expressive with her joy and loves to give hugs and kisses. Her empathy towards others was mentioned several times with her tenderness and charisma mentioned as her best qualities. While she may be shy at first, once she feels comfortable, she will express herself willingly and is a social and playful girl among her peers.

Caty is described as a resilient and courageous child who also shows determination, is affectionate, sincere, calm, intelligent, playful, and outgoing. She has had a difficult few years due to her medical diagnosis of clubfeet that involved leg surgery and an intense recovery. Despite all of this, her caregivers describe her as happy and kind. While at the institution, she has formed a strong connection with her occupational therapist and trusts her when she is having a hard day.

Yona is a sweet and social girl who is described as respectful, independent, affectionate with significant people in her life (and accepting of affection), confident, calm, and focused. She displays empathy towards other people as well as animals. She has a soft spot for animals and hopes to have several pets when she is adopted.

Max is a friendly child with a lot of personality and charisma. He is respectful and appropriate with others and is well liked by the children and caregivers at his home. He has always shown a deep level of empathy for his siblings and has shown he can also develop relationships with his peers. While he is not overly affectionate as a teenage boy, he willingly accepts hugs. Max is described as friendly, self-confident, kind, sincere, persevering, calm and focused.

An ideal adoptive family for this siblings group needs to be familiar with parenting children with a history of abandonment and neglect. The family needs to provide a warm, nurturing, and supportive environment for these siblings. Family should be well versed in TBRI as the children have been in TBRI focused groups since entering the home and are already very familiar with the concepts. The family should be able to speak fluently to them in Spanish to aid with their transition. Learning English at his age is harder, so it will help everyone adjust quicker if the new family can speak Spanish. If you are interested in learning more about this sibling group, please fill out the inquiry form below!

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