Hi, I'm Cali

I'm 12 years old and live in Southeast Asia.

January 2012

Video available upon request

Special Needs Project

Meet Cali! When Holt staff met Cali she was initially shy, but friendly and cooperative. She drew a wonderful picture expressing her love of family. Cali will draw pictures and write special notes for her caretakers. She also enjoys singing, dancing, playing instruments, and basketball.

Caregivers describe Cali as cooperative, playful, independent, and sensitive. At her center, Cali gets along with peers and has a favorite friend. She prefers to play with younger children or alone. Cali is generally respectful and appreciative. With trusted adults, she expresses her emotions.

An ideal adoptive family for Cali should be familiar with TBRI to help establish connection with her early on. The family should have access to therapeutic support to help her process through past experiences. The family should be flexible with their learning approach, as she will need some educational support. If you are interested in learning more about this sweet girl, please fill out the inquiry below!

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