Hi, I'm Jonas

I'm 13 years old and live in Taiwan.

January 2009

Jonas is a lively, polite boy who enjoys sharing stories and helping others. He is popular among his peers and caregivers who describe him as candid, confident, brave, and always ready for a challenge. For example in August 2020 Jonas was the youngest participant in a 13-day cycling trip around Taiwan. He was praised for his good behavior and for having made good time, support that made him feel closer to the staff.

Born in January 2009, Jonas came into care when he was six months old and now resides at a center for older children. Jonas has many interests. Favorite sports include running, ball sports, and rock climbing but his caregivers say he also has a good imagination and is creative when drawing and playing with Legos. Jonas is a reader—his favorite book is Romance of the Three Kingdoms—but he also likes video games, singing, and music. His favorite singer is Jay Chou.

Jonas’s skills and abilities are on par with his peers in the care center but he sometimes expresses frustration when he cannot focus and complete a task. He still needs some guidance and support to problem solve but he responds well to assistance. At the end of 2020, Jonas was receiving tutoring weekly to help with homework and was noted to work hard with few errors. His caregivers note that Jonas has made improvement keeping his room tidy and that he really appreciates praise and encouragement for his achievements.

Jonas will benefit from a patient, experienced family who can offer strong emotional support and help him manage his energy. We are also looking for a family where Jonas will be the youngest child in the home. Please contact us to learn more about Jonas—his file is full of information, photos, and videos!

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