Caring for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

Preventing Child Abandonment, Keeping Families Together.

Some children enter our care temporarily and are ultimately able to reunite with their families. For other children, their only chance at a family is through in-country or international adoption. But no matter why or where or how long they wait, we provide the highest level of care for every child who has been orphaned, abandoned or separated from their family.

Around the world, we work alongside a local network of on-the-ground staff, child welfare experts, Holt-trained foster families and partnering care centers to provide a holistic set of medical, nutritional, educational and psychosocial services tailored to fit each child’s individual needs. For every child, we strive to ensure they receive the attentive, nurturing care they need to grow, thrive and develop fully while waiting to rejoin their family, or join a family through adoption.

Here is where Holt's orphan care programs are happening around the world!

Personalized Care and Advocacy

Children living in orphanages, without the care and support of a family, are among the most at risk in the world. Through the following initiatives, your generous giving helps to provide the highest level of care to all children living in the care centers, foster families and group homes we support and partner with.


International Adoption

Read about the children waiting for families, eligibility, fees and more.

2017 Program Reach

Because of the kind and compassionate support of donors, thousands of children and families received lifesaving and life-changing interventions in 2016. But there are many more children and families who need an opportunity or a helping hand to achieve their dreams.

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children in orphan care benefited from Holt's Child Nutrition Program

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orphaned and abandoned children received special needs services

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children received medical care with support from Holt donors

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children joined families through domestic or international adoption

Stories of Resilience. Stories of Generosity.

Read about greatest needs among children, happiest stories of lives forever changed and the incredible impact of Holt donors and sponsors.

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You Can Change A Child's Life

There are so many ways to advocate for orphaned and abandoned children. You can make a lasting difference in the life of a child!

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