Name: Valentina_Samue

Gender: Female | DOB: 07/02/05
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Valentina was born on July 2, 2005. She is an active and sociable girl. She likes doing both indoor and outdoor activities with peers and teachers. She likes table games as well as gymnastics, dance and basketball. Valentina has a moderate delay in academics because she didn't attend school for an extended period of time, but she has an excellent cognitive abilities.  She likes to explore new surroundings. It's noted that she takes the initiative in a group of peers. At times, Valentina has a hard time following rules and has a low tolerance to frustration when she does not achieve what she wants. However, she is very resilient and persistent and is generally successful at achieving her goals. Valentina has been diagnosed with behavior and emotional disorder and takes daily medication to help her attain her greatest potential in these areas. It is recommended that this diagnosis be reassessed. Valentina has received counseling to strengthen her social skills and to help her control her impulses. She needs parents who have previously parented a pre-teen and who are committed to helping her work through her unique life history. Additionally, Valentina has a younger brother Samuel, whom she likes spending time with. Samuel and Valentina are currently in different group homes but wish to be together. Samuel was born July 20, 2015. He is reported to have good cognitive skills. His school notes that he has good social-emotional skills. Socially and emotionally he is very agile, and self-assured in his interactions with others. This makes him stand out among his group. Sometimes, he shows periods of anxiety when eating and swallowing food. Occasionally, he throws tantrums and becomes impulsive. He is also appropriately affective and open with adults. Samuel has normal language development for his age, allowing him to have functional interactions in many different situations. Due to his strong personality Samuel will need some structure and determination from his adoptive parents in order to help him work through his life choices. These siblings would do best in a prospective family that has parented past their ages and understand the impact that trauma and grief will have on their transition.
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