Name: Silas

Gender: Male | DOB: 10/25/2011
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Silas came into care when he was about one day old.  He had surgery for an issue with the Achilles tendon in his left foot and he may have mild cerebral palsy.  He receives regular physical therapy and can walk and run with a mild gait difference.  He can also jump and climb the stairs-- please watch his new video!  Early reports mention a cognitive delay and a CT scan in 2015 was abnormal, but Silas seems to be developing very well now.  A Holt staff member who met him recently reports that his cognitive development seems better than that of other children his age in the orphanage.  He can count 1-10 easily and responds quickly to instructions and questions.  He can name many familiar animals and remembers Chinese poetry better than other children.  Silas attends school in the orphanage and gets along well with others.  He is a happy, responsive, active little boy who needs a loving family. Help a child come home