Name: Nyomi

Gender: Female | DOB: 8/22/2007
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Nyomi is described as a lovely and sweet girl.  She came into care when she was about two months old and had surgery for congenital heart disease (tetralogy of Fallot) in 2010.  Nyomi is well-liked by her caregivers and teachers.  She attends public school, where she is an average student and performs at the appropriate grade level.  Her cognitive development is thought to be similar to that of the other children in the public school.  She has many friends in school and her teachers and classmates all like her.  Her teachers have no complaints about her behavior.  Nyomi is close to her caregivers and comes to them for help.  She likes to help take care of the younger children in the orphanage.  Nyomi loves long hair and is cooperative when having her photo taken.  She would like to have a family to live and play with. Please watch her video! There is a $3000 Special Blessings Grant* available toward the fees for Nyomi's adoption through Holt!   * Special Blessings Grants are available to families who earn an annual adjusted gross income of $125,000 or less and do not apply to fees already paid to Holt International.  Families who do not qualify for the Special Blessings Grant may still apply for our Special Needs Adoption Fund grant. Help a child come home