Name: Lee_and_Logan

Gender: Male | DOB: 7/17/2008
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Lee (born 7/17/2008) and Logan (born 3/14/2010) are biological brothers who have tested positive for HIV.  They take regular medication to control the virus.  Lee also has ametropia of the left eye and mild anemia.  Lee and Logan lived with their birth family until they came to live at a group home with other children who have HIV in 2014.  Both boys are reported to have normal motor development-they like playing outside and Logan is learning to skate and ride a bike.  Lee studies well at school and is able to do simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  He can read books and finishes homework on time.  Logan is also learning simple math and reading in school.  He is active, expresses his needs with words, and may sometimes be stubborn!  Both boys get along well with others.  Photos of these handsome brothers are on file and we also received recent videos that we would love to share with interested families! There is a $3000 Special Blessings Grant* available toward the fees for their adoption through Holt!   * Special Blessings Grants are available to families who earn an annual adjusted gross income of $125,000 or less and do not apply to fees already paid to Holt International.  Families who do not qualify for the Special Blessings Grant may still apply for our Special Needs Adoption Fund grant. Help a child come home