Name: Joey

Gender: Male | DOB: 9/19/15
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This cutie was born full term at 38 weeks weighing 5.9 lbs. He currently lives with a very experienced and attentive foster family. He smiles and giggles when playing and frequently babbles to his foster family. According to reports, Joey experienced some prenatal exposure to tobacco with his birth mother smoking 2-3 cigarettes until the third month of her pregnancy. Joey has been diagnosed with epilepsy, which is treated with anti-seizure medication. He has also been diagnosed with a stable state of vasculitis, for which he receives a low-dose aspirin as treatment. Joey is in physical therapy for a delay in his motor development, but this has been improving over time. His May 2017 Well Baby Check indicates he is in the 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference. At 19 months, they report his development is improving, with his gross motor skills assessed at 18 months, fine motor skills at 22-24 months, personal-social skills at 16 months, and language skills at 9 months He's able to walk alone, run, kick a ball forward, perform thumb-finger grasps, put blocks in a cup, stack 5-6 cubes, drink from a cup, play peek-a-boo, wave bye-bye, and say "mama." They will continue to monitor Joey for possible mild cerebral palsy, but he is improving developmentally. He needs a family that is open to the possibility of cerebral palsy and that can provide any therapy he may need as he grows.
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