Name: Harvey

Gender: Male | DOB: 12/03/16
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Harvey is a charming boy who was born full term at 39 weeks 3 days, weighing 6.9 pounds.  His prenatal history includes alcohol and tobacco exposure until the 25th and 29th week of pregnancy, respectively.  Harvey had nystagmus detected around 1 month old, and follow up ophthalmology consultations have diagnosed hyperopia, which is being monitored.  At his most recent Well Baby Checkup in March 2018, he was in the 10th percentile for height, 25th percentile for weight, and 50th percentile for head circumference.  At that visit, he was assessed at 4-11 months developmentally, and it was noted that he is receiving physical therapy to help with his gross and fine motor skills. Developmentally, he crawls, sits balanced, transfers object hand to hand, plays peek a boo, babbles, and says 3 words.  His foster care worker notes that smiles readily, he laughs loudly when being tickled, and loves baths.   Harvey needs a family that has a good understanding of his medical history and can provide any treatment or resources he might need in the future. Help a child come home