Name: Griffen

Gender: Male | DOB: 02/17/17
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Griffin is described by his foster care worker as bright and cheerful in nature.  He smiles readily, plays well, and likes to be with his foster family.  He was born at 38 weeks 5 days weighing 6.6 pounds, with prenatal alcohol and tobacco exposure noted. He had been receiving helmet therapy for plagiocephaly since July 2017 with marked improvement.   At his most recent Well Baby Checkup in May 2018, he was in the 75th percentile for height and weight, and 10th percentile for head circumference.  He was 16 months old and assessed at 14-16 months developmentally. Currently, he can say 3+ words, walks alone, scribbles, towers two cubes, waves bye bye, plays balls, and drinks from a cup.  Griffin needs a family who understands his prenatal and medical history and can provide any therapies he may need as he grows to reach his full potential. Help a child come home