Name: Eloisa_Roselyn

Gender: Female | DOB: 03/20/06
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This sister pair came into care in 2015 when found wandering in the city unaccompanied by an adult. The girls report suffering maltreatment and neglect. Their birth father is deceased and birth mother whereabouts are unknown. Eloisa is 11 years old and described to be gentle and sweet. She is currently enrolled in elementary school and is delayed in cognitive development in comparison to her peers. Her teacher's report that she participates well in class, is considerate of others, and shows eagerness to learn.  She has shown marked improvement in self-help skills and completes age appropriate chores. She enjoys watching movies, swimming, and basketball. Roselyn is 7 years old and described to be friendly, active, and energetic. She has attended Occupational Therapy and was identified to have ADHD. She currently attends Kindergarten at her care center. Academically; she can write her name, counts to 100, identifies colors/shapes/letters/and numbers. Roselyn has also shown improvements in her self-help skills, behavior, and performance in school since entering the care center. Her appetite is good and favorite foods include chicken, rice, bananas, and orange juice. Both girls continue to thrive and have a desire to be adopted. These sisters are waiting for a very experienced family that understand the impact trauma and grief on their adjustment and have excellent access to resources.
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