Name: Dustin

Gender: Male | DOB: 03/25/10
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Dustin has been in care since he was three weeks old and is in the 1st grade as of early 2017. He reportedly learns well and receives average marks in school, though he can easily lose his attention during class. Dustin is writing letters and numbers and enjoys counting. He is close to one particular caregiver and has a couple of friends he enjoys spending time with. Dustin is said to do his chores at the care center voluntarily, such as cleaning up after meal and play time. He is reported to have mild cognitive delays and a lisp. Dustin is described as extroverted, happy, confident, and boisterous. He enjoys children's TV shows, music, playing sports, playing hide-and-seek, and spending time with friends. In the future, he would like to become a police officer to protect others. He waits for a family with the educational and medical resources he needs to thrive. Help a child come home