Name: Declan

Gender: Male | DOB: 11/6/2014
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Declan came into care when he was about one month old.  He is a healthy child with Down Syndrome.  Declan is an energetic, outgoing little guy who can crawl very fast, pull himself up to standing and walk with one hand held.  He can say "mama" and turns his head when his name is called.  He doesn't yet follow instructions very well, but his caregivers are working on this with him, and he will try to cooperate when you initiate face-to-face play.  He seeks out interaction with others.  He likes to imitate and play with toys.  He is close to a particular caregiver and smiles readily.  A Holt staff member met Declan recently.  Please enjoy his video and contact us for more information!  Help a child come home