Name: Christopher

Gender: Male | DOB: 8/8/2004
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Christopher urgently needs a loving family to bring him home before he ages out of the adoption process on his 14th birthday.  He has tested positive for HIV, which is well controlled with medication.  He lived with his birth family until 2016, when he moved to a group home with other children who have HIV.  Although he has seen difficult times in his life, he is currently doing well in the group home.  Christopher's physical and cognitive development are reportedly normal.  He likes to paint (especially pictures of dogs), play basketball and ride a bike.  He receives average grades in school and has been improving over time.  He is very well liked by his teachers.   He has a good sense of humor and is the class clown!  Christopher makes eye contact when talking to others and has many friends who he likes to chat with.  He is a helpful boy and often buys snacks with his own pocket money to share with his friends.  Christopher hopes for an adoptive family with brothers and sisters.  He also wishes for his own room and a dog!  He feels sad that he doesn't have parents and hopes that he will someday have a permanent family.  Photos of this handsome boy are on file and a Holt staff member knows him.  There is a $4000 Special Blessings Grant* available toward the fees for Christopher's adoption through Holt!   * Special Blessings Grants are available to families who earn an annual adjusted gross income of $125,000 or less and do not apply to fees already paid to Holt International.  Families who do not qualify for the Special Blessings Grant may still apply for our Special Needs Adoption Fund grant. Help a child come home