Name: Brielle

Gender: Female | DOB: 5/8/2005
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Brielle's birth parents have both passed away, and she came into care after her father died in 2016.  There are no special needs or health concerns noted in her file.  Brielle attends school, where she gets along well with teachers and classmates.  Her intelligence is reported to be normal compared with her peers.  She did not receive consistent schooling before coming into care, so she sometimes finds her studies difficult.  She will ask a classmate for help when she is struggling.  Shy and quiet, she likes to share stories with her caregivers and is described as a lovely girl with good behavior.  Brielle enjoys singing and dancing, and recently performed in a theatrical production at the orphanage.  She also likes skipping rope, watching movies and drawing.  Brielle wants to be adopted and hopes to have siblings.  Please watch the video and contact us for more information about this lovely young lady! Help a child come home