Name: Bethany

Gender: Female | DOB: 5/9/2004
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Bethany has tested positive for HIV, which is controlled with medication.  She also has some hearing loss in her left ear, which doesn't seem to affect her daily life.  Otherwise, Bethany is a healthy 13-year-old girl who needs a family to bring her home before she ages out of the adoption process on her 14th birthday!  Bethany has been living at a group home for children who have HIV since 2015; prior to that time she lived with members of her birth family.  She has friends at school, helps care for the younger children in the group home, and communicates well with her caregivers.  Bethany attends private school, where she earns excellent grades in Chinese and average grades in math and English.  Her intelligence seems typical for her age.  Bethany has seen other children go home with their adoptive families, and hopes that a family will come for her also. Bethany will age out of the adoption process in May of next year.  She urgently needs a family to come forward for her soon so that she can come home before that happens!
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