Name: Bennett

Gender: Male | DOB: 7/11/09
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This shy boy dreams of being a doctor. As of early 2017, Bennett was in Grade 2 and reportedly able to read and write. He has started to learn multiplication but does have some struggles. His favorite subject is Vietnamese. He has a few good friends at the care center, where he came into care at about a month old after being found in front of the center. Bennett is reported to be healthy other than eczema, and on target developmentally with his peers. He can often be found laughing and joking with his friends after school. His favorite activities include watching cartoon Tom and Jerry, playing marbles, and being with friends. He likes to eat fried chicken and French fries, and his favorite color is blue. His adoptive family should have access to resources Bennett may need and have a good understanding of older child adoption.

**Has $3000 Special Brittany's Hope Grant

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