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Welcome to Holt's volunteer registration for Winter Jam West Coast concerts this coming November 2014! Thank you for your desire to help Holt support children and families through our sponsorship program. Please explore our map below for Winter Jam locations, dates and venues for each show. Click on the map pin to register! 

Winter Jam is currently the largest Christian Rock Tour in the U.S., performing in approximately 60 cities each year!   Holt began a partnership in 2006 with Christian artist group and Winter Jam founder NewSong, and in the years since, this annual tour has become Holt's biggest opportunity to find and reach new child sponsors. At stadiums and arenas across the country, we take to the stage — teaching concertgoers with a heart for children about our work, and how they can partner with us to change a child's life for just $30 per month. Since our partnership with NewSong and Winter Jam began seven years ago, Holt has welcomed nearly 50,000 sponsors into our programs — representing thousands of little lives forever changed.

However, in order to reach new sponsors, we need your help!

Last year, more than 5,000 volunteers across the country helped Holt find almost 10,000 new child sponsors. That's a lot of children's lives forever changed! These are children who now attend school, go to sleep with full tummies, feel the love and stability of family, and see a doctor when they are sick.

This year, we are setting our sights higher. Our goal is 12,000 new sponsors by Spring of 2015. Help us reach it!  In every country where we work, the need among orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children continues to grow. We have thousands of children waiting for sponsors.  That's why your partnership as a Winter Jam volunteer is more crucial than ever!

Look for a concert in your area on the map below, then register to volunteer. Invite your friends, youth group, church congregation, neighbors, co-workers, family and friends on social media to sign up, too. We need hundreds of volunteers at each location — and, in return, you enter the concert early and for free!
Your gift of time for one evening will positively impact an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child's life forever.

We look forward to seeing you this fall! For more information about Winter Jam and our partnership with NewSong, click here. For more information about being a volunteer, click here.