India Post Placement Report


Post Placement Report compliance has a significant impact on intercountry adoption in each of the countries we partner with. It is very important to the officials overseas to know the children placed with U.S. families are well taken care of, loved, and that families are receiving appropriate support.

Post Placement Report Information:
Packages containing completed Post Placement reports are mailed overseas each Friday. Please let us know if the report/photos will be delayed so we can provide this information to the country, if needed.

Frequency: After your child's arrival to the U.S., each report needs to be completed as per the countries reporting sequence dictates, see below. If additional reports are required by your state, please provide those to us as well.

Post Placement Photo Requirements:

Photos to submit:
  • Please include a variety of photos with family (or friends), not just photos of your child alone. Include both parents (if not within the same photo, then one-on-one with the adoptee).
  • Please choose photographs that highlight your child and the family enjoying routine activities or special events. (Example: Going to school, eating breakfast, or going to the aquarium, family camping trip, etc.)
  • We suggest that the photos show your child content and dressed appropriately (Example: warmly dressed if the environment looks cold, etc.)
Important: Select in focus photos of your child, and they need to be large enough to see your child's face.

Photos NOT to submit: Please note that photos are going to a foreign government with different cultural norms. We ask that you take this into serious consideration when selecting photos.
  • Anything that obscures your child's face, such as costumes with masks, heavy face paint or messy food faces.
  • Digital effects (such as sepia tone or other types of color specific filters)
  • Baggy or ill-fitting clothing, bathing suits or swim shorts.
  • During bath time, or of the child topless or bare bodied at all.
  • Holding weapons, toy weapons or hunting photos

Photo Information: Fill in all of the requested fields (below). This information, such as your child's arrival date, original name, current state, etc. allows us to place these photos with your corresponding report.

Captions: Please type a caption for each photo in the large caption box before uploading. Provide information that describes the photo, such as where, when, and who (example: Aunt Mary with Tommy at the zoo during summer vacation.)

Before clicking the upload button, please include all of the required photos. You can add all of the photos in one upload with all the corresponding captions.

If you are unsure of any information or photos to provide, please do not hesitate to contact us at, or if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

All fields are required. Put N/A if not applicable.

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Adoptive Parent's Information:

Adopted Child's Information:

Please submit 6 photos (jpg) of your child and family:

Size of each photo less than 5MB

May Holt also use these materials in the following manners?

Yes, I give Holt permission to use photos in all manner of media, including unrestricted use for purposes of education, publicity, advertising, trade, display, editorial, exhibits, fund raising, Holt Calendar and art. By clicking "Yes" you also give Holt permission to publish a Welcome Home banner (described below) with your child's photo and first name.

Yes, I give Holt permission to use photos in a Welcome Home banner. Holt International's website features photos of children recently home with a message that says "Welcome Home" and the child's first name.




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