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Holt Fridge

Colin Bruno, 20 months, (China)—Manteo, NC

Holt Fridge

Photos of Holt adoptees and their families!

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Feature Story

The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home

 Three years ago, in the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake, the U.S. government began granting humanitarian parole visas to children then on track for adoption – permitting them to join their adoptive families in the U.S. At Holt Fontana Village, all but two children received visas. Earlier this month, […]

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Adoptees Today

Michelle Li in Korea with Molly Holt, Holt-Korea Director and daughter to Holt founders Harry and Bertha Holt

What’s Stopping You from Being Super?

Ramblings from a “super adoptee”

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Post Adoption

The Day My Mom and Dad Went to China

The Day My Mom and Dad Went to China

A story by 8-year-old Caroline Bowman, for a school assignment

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